Job Responsibility-
Experience in implementing Local and Push Notifications.
Experience in implementing third party libraries in apps.
Ability to create apps that involve offline storage of data / objects and synchronization with server , Animations , Location based services.
Working knowledge of iOS frameworks such as Core Data , Core Animation , Core Graphics and Core Text as well as the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends and emerging technologies.
Strong understanding of modern multi-core / multithreaded programming techniques and designs.
Experience in Agile Software development and the scrum methodologies.
You have created at least 5 apps in Swift.
Knowledge of Build automation is a must.
You’ve worked at least on five projects that involved entire mobile app development lifecycle – from concept to deployment in enterprise setting or the App Store
Knowledge of CocoaPods , Alamofire , ReactiveCocoa , PromiseKit
Experience with RESTful Web Services , Web APIs , JSON , XML , JavaScript , SQLite and interfacing iPhone / iPad applications to server side APIs.
Solid grasp of algorithms , memory management , object oriented programming , and MVC Design Extensive experience in detecting and correcting memory usage issues as well as optimizing code for application performance
A solid understanding of operating system fundamentals such as processes , inter – process communication , multithreading primitives , race conditions and deadlocks
Experience with performance and memory tuning with tools {such as Instruments and Shark, depending on project needs}
Familiarity with cloud message APIs