Job Responsibilities-

1. Develop customized solutions within the Salesforce platform to support critical business functions and meet project objectives, client requirements and company goals.
2. Manage daily support and maintenance of internal Salesforce instance, and conduct long-term improvement operations to ensure compatibility with evolving mission requirements.
3. Communicate with project managers, clients, and other developers to design cohesive project strategies and ensure effective collaboration throughout all phases of development, testing and deployment.
4. Maintain a flexible and proactive work environment to facilitate a quick response to changing project requirements and customer objectives, and innovate ways to meet mission goals successfully.
5. Interact directly with clients, managers, and end-users as necessary to analyze project objectives and capability requirements, including specifications for user interfaces, customized applications, and interactions with internal Salesforce instances.
6. Provide system administration support of internal and customer-facing Salesforce environment, especially related to customized applications, user permissions, security settings, custom objects, and workflow.
7. Collaborate with various internal departments, including marketing, product development, and operations, to ensure the Salesforce environment supports internal needs relating to functionality and performance.


1. Bachelor’s degree in computer science.
2. Minimum work experience: eight years of software development and four years of Salesforce application development.
3. Self-motivated and creative.
4. Proficient with Apex, Visual Force, Native, MySQL, and JavaScript.
5. Salesforce Developer Certification.
6. Experience developing customer-facing user interfaces.