Job Responsibilities:

Designing, implementation & maintenance of various data and machine learning-based components and applications for the website.
Work with large, complex data sets. Conduct end-to-end data analysis that includes data gathering and requirements specification, processing, analysis, visualization and delivering the necessary output.
* Build and prototype analysis pipelines iteratively to provide insights at scale.
* Understanding various data structure used across various products within the organization.
* Making business recommendations for effective use of data across various business functions.
* Day to day work involves NLP tasks like Information Extraction, Keyword Extraction or Keyword scoring as well as Recommendation & Personalization activities across various channels by building user profiles.
* The data models built must also be tested in real world environments for accuracy.
* Computational performance in running the models on various devices also needs to be achieved prior to delivering the models for deployment.
* Articulating business questions and using mathematical techniques to arrive at an answer using available data.