Job Responsibility-

Needs to have complete knowledge of accounts (reconciliation/balance sheet, pl, GST, taxations, TDS)
Attention To Detail: You must pay attention to every penny, and make sure everything is in order when preparing tax information.
Computer Skills: Much of your job will be done on computers, inputting spreadsheets, tax documents and reports. Good computer skills will be necessary.
Math Skills: Accountants do math, plain and simple. You will need to be comfortable with basic math skills and detail-oriented skills
Analytical Skills: You will be looking at complex numbers and trying to find disparities, cost-saving areas and new solutions.
Communication Skills: You will need good listening and communication skills when working with clients, listening to issues, and dealing with the government at tax time. Ability to interact well with others
Organizational Skills: Tax time gets hectic. Knowing where and when to use all documents that would help your client as well as forming tax reports
High ethical standards
Responsible for the banking and bookkeeping of a business
Knowledge of technology/variety of software programs related to the field